About us

we make s*** up!

 All jokes and props aside, we are an Improvisational comedy troupe.We make scenes up LIVE, using audience suggestions. We’re that off-the-cuff crew based in Cape Town, South Africa. No planning, no scripts.

100% pure unrefined comedy. 

The Long Shots was founded by Jason Delplanque (The Maydays, UK) in 2011 to create and perform a mix of short and long form improv. Always taking their cue from a 'what if?!' angle on life, The Long Shots aims to make Cape Town a place where "yes...and?" becomes the leading paradigm!
The Long Shots have been growing the local improv scene with a variety of classes, workshops and jams throughout the year, and perform regularly at the Armchair Theatre, a comedy hub in Observatory and the Alexander Bar Theatre – one of Cape Town’s leading independent theatres.

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the CAST

let's meet the players

Alice Lazarus HS 4.jpg



Alice Lazarus is a Cape-Town-based actress.  She has trained both at UCT and at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC. Alice is strong in the humour department and is fond of blowing socks off. She is loud, Jewish and tall. Alice joined the Long Shots troupe after being pestered by Mark Penwill frequently during castings. After attending the actors training intensive she joined the troupe full time in 2018. She is very grateful for Mark's persistence.

David Luyt headshot.jpg



David’s been acting for as long as he can remember. Among other high-profile roles, David played a man-eating space plant in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ in High School. After a break in acting to study, he's now an information lawyer by day and a performer by night. David is a former member of Improguise, Cape Town’s longest-running improvised theatre troupe, and has been proud to call The Long Shots his improv home since 2017. You can find out more about him at


Eva Gilliam


Eva is a professional videographer and youth media trainer. She started performing improv at Columbia University with the Six Milks before moving to Montana, where she founded Bob's Family (improv & sketch) - packing the pubs for half a decade. Eva is the Creative Director of the Mama City Improv Fest, the first and only international improv comedy festival in Africa. She’s lived in South Africa since 2005 and has been performing with The Long Shots since 2013




Francis is an actor, airbnb host, Waldorf school child and out and out Capetonian (the good and the bad). He discovered Improv after taking his acting career too seriously. Life (and acting) is better with Improv. 



Justine is a passionate teacher who has graced classrooms all over Cape Town. She regularly attended improv shows, with the nagging thought in the back of her mind, "I wonder if I could do that?" So she signed up for an improv course and it was love at first sight. She took part in Drop-In classes with The Long Shots for a few months to ensure she got her weekly fix, finally joining the troupe in October 2016.

mark penwill


Mark studied languages & literature at Oxford, where he represented the university in Latin and Ballroom dancing. After returning to his native city, Cape Town, he had a brief spell in 9-to-5 work before realising he sought the anxiety and thrill of irregular pay-cheques. He has featured in a number of film, TV, sketch comedy and theatre productions. He joined the Long Shots in September 2015 and has been a proud and active member ever since. Mark is also a voiceover artist, recently completing a nature documentary series for the Smithsonian Canada.


Natalie robbie


Natalie is a Cape Town based actress. She trained at the Oxford School of Drama before moving to London and getting her degree in Theatre and Performance from Goldsmiths College. While studying, Natalie was encouraged to devise (mostly experimental) theatre; a challenge that she missed when she moved to Cape Town. Until, of course, she found improv and joined the Long Shot in 2018. It’s safe to say that sometimes the experimental works, and sometimes it gets weird- but the beauty of improv is that it exists in the moment for a moment. 


Rob Coutts


Rob graduated from Afda in 2007 with a BA in Drama. He has acted in many theatre shows, movies and TV shows since then. He fell in love with improv when he attended an improv course run by Jason Delplanque in 2011. This form of performance was exactly what he was looking for. Rob is a founding member of The Long Shots.





Sanda Shandu, born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, is a Cape Town-based actor and musician. While studying Economics and Organisational Psychology at UCT, Sanda shot a few local commercials and once he finished his degree he dove right into the industry and has since performed in a numerous plays, musical theatre TV shows and international films. He heard about improv comedy through a
friend, gave it a bash, and hasn't looked back.  He joined The Long Shots in 2018.


Sipumziwe 'pags' Lucwaba


Sipumziwe Lucwaba (Pags) is a Cape Town based improviser and entertainer. His first contact with improv came in 2013, when he started attending drop-in classes with The Long Shots Improvised Comedy Troupe. After a few months of classes he was invited to perform with the troupe. He wasn’t a complete disaster so the troupe took him on as permanent member. For the past year he has also taught improv classes with the same troupe.


Steve is originally from the Eastern Cape and is a freelance actor who also does some stock market trading (although he is not very good at it). He has a sense of humour as dry as an undipped Ouma Rusk - which are made in Molteno, the town where he was born. Coincidence? I think not. 

He joined the Long Shots in 2016 after being a regular drop-in attendee and he has been made fun of by his fellow troupe members ever since.




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Long Shots at Alex Bar







(Starts again, Jan 2020)

It’s play time! Every Thursday night, all levels of improvisor - from the infant to the geriatric, are welcome to get their improv on at the 1st Rosebank Air Scouts Hall, Campground Road, 7:30 – 9:30 PM. R60 cash/snapscan at the door will get you two hours of Long-Shot led warm ups, games and light coaching.




1st air scouts hall

campground road


R60 per person

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Team Building and Brain Storming

If you would like to discuss how improv could be used for team-building, brain-storming or just good ‘ole horsin’-around at your business, school or other human gathering, drop us a line: